Expert Installation teams will install your Solar PV system in a Professional Timely Manner. 

Save money, save the environment and secure future energy generation for your business.

We have consistently maintained focus on installing solar panels on commercial rooftops. Whether you are a supermarket, fuel station, SME or large corporation, the benefits of Solar Photovoltaic Panels are substantial. The savings are immediate, and Solar Beo can help you through every step of your project.

Is my business

If you are paying high energy bills and you have enough group or roof space, then Solar PV is most definitely for you. It’s that simple, as solar systems rarely if ever give trouble, therefore they are a tangible investment in which you can guarantee savings.

Combine that with the government or tax incentives available to your business, plus the addition of future proofing your business means that going solar should be a no-brainer!

Why is Commercial
so suitable?

1. Cost Reduction

The largest single benefit of solar power for businesses appears every month in your electricity bill. Solar energy provides a dramatic reduction in commercial energy costs.

For example, in a supermarket or fuel filling station, most of the electricity consumed is during daylight hours, therefore you can directly use the electricity generated by the panels without the need for batteries.

Additionally, flat commercial rooftops are the perfect mounting area for Solar Photovoltaic Panels as they have no obstruction and the perfect angle for solar harvesting can be achieved even if the building isn’t south facing.

2. Sustainability

In today’s business climate, sustainability and competitive advantage are very closely linked. Not only does Solar Energy reduce electricity costs, which frees up financial resources to reinvest in business development and innovation, but it can also earn you recognition as an industry leader in switching from fossil fuels to renewable.

Going Solar also can increase your business’ attractiveness as a corporate citizen and “green” business partner. Many organisations are developing corporate sustainability goals that call for doing business with other sustainable organisations. From this perspective, your investment in solar power makes you an attractive business partner for green-minded customers, and also satisfies the demands of regulators such as the government.

Products we use
in our installs

Panels – Longi Mono 375W

  • Monocrystalline black framed modules
  • Half Cut Technology with white backing
  • Ideal for slate or dark tiled roofs
  • 12 year warranty
  • 30 year linear power warranty
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Inverter – Solis-1P(3.6-5)K-4G-US

Solis 3.6-5KW US version single phase string inverters have dual MPPTs with over 98% overall efficiency which can be utilized in complex design environments. Built-in MLRSD transmitter guarantees the safety of relevant personnel and regulation compliance. The built-in class 0.5 revenue grade meter can guarantee an accurate data recording without losing benefits from the sun.

  • SPRT (SunSpec MLRSD Transmitter)
  • RGM-SPRT (Revenue Grade Meter and Transmitter)
  • RSS (Tigo MLRSD Transmitter)
  • RGM-RSS (Revenue Grade Meter and Tigo MLRSD Transmitter)

Battery – FOX ESS LV5200 5.12kWh 48V Solar Battery Module

  • Rating: 5120 W
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Voltage: 48 V
  • Continuous Discharge Rate (Normal Use): 5120 W
  • Maximum Discharge Rate (5 Minutes): 6000 W
  • Surge Discharge Rate (15 Seconds): 7200 W
  • The FOX ESS LV5200 5.12kWh 48V Solar Battery Module comes with 5 years guarantee from the manufacturer; additional 5 years (total of 10 years) warranty if product is registered.




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