Property Management

Bainistíocht Maoine

Landlords, Property Management Companies, Resident & Community Groups, Local Authorities & Approved Housing Bodies can now apply for the SEAI Apartment Charger Grant Scheme and receive up to 90% funding for the installation cost. 

Who Can Apply?

The apartment charger grant assists residents and owners of apartments and other multi-unit developments who want to install a home charger for their Electric Vehicle (EV) and which are not covered by the pre-existing grants. The grant is designed for bulk installation of chargers at a single location, and supports cabling, infrastructure, labour, and construction costs. Owners’ management companies, housing bodies, local authorities, commercial and private landlords can apply.

Set Your Rates

As a Property Management Company, offer cheaper/ free rates to your tenants on your Charge Points or offer promotions to your clients by setting different rates on your network of Charge Points.

Decide who has access to your workplace’s charge points and at what cost. Let employees charge at a low rate, while your business earns a cut when guests or other EV drivers stop by.

Intelligent Queuing System

Easily control who has access to your charge points and when. Set your charge points on private mode and make them accessible to only members, guests or employees. Open them up to the public and let everyone use your charging stations. You’re in control.

Allow guests, members, or public to Reserve charge points on a queuing system.

Offer EV charging to everyone with electric cars.

Automatically schedule when charge points are private and public.

Book a site consultation

Book a site consultation and a Solar Beo EV charging Expert will talk you through your exact requirements for EV charging at your home, business, or public charge points.

Request a Quote

Simply book a 1 to 1 Consultation to discuss your requirements and receive a no strings attached quotation.