EV Charging – Public


Expert Installation teams will install your Solar PV system in a Professional Timely Manner. 

Solar Beo is building the EV charging network of the future. We are looking to build the best Irish charging network with the latest technology, easy-to-use, and accessible chargers in premium locations.

We fully fund a turnkey supply and installation solution to charging, so it is in our interest to create a first-class charging experience that customers want to use.

Automated billing system for a better charging experience

Residents, guests and other EV drivers pay instantly, when they use your EV chargers. Set the price for EV charging, and our Charging Platform keeps track of all payments and charging sessions. Simply pay with debit cards, Google or Apple Pay and leave tedious paperwork behind.

  • Real-time payment
  • No paperwork
  • Monthly Reimbursement for Transactions

One of our business development team will be in touch to discuss your mandate, ambitions and site(s). We take care of all the legwork: quantitatively assessing suitable charging locations, resolving any planning or property applications, and securing and paying for a direct grid connection.

We’re looking to invest in busy council owned carparks, supporting Clean Air Strategy and decarbonisation. 100% funding available for installation and operation. Contact us today.

We develop features you actually need

Schedule charge point availability

“Decide who can use your charge points, when and at what cost.”

Scale up and down

Add or remove users and charge points as you please with Solar Beo.

Reserve charge point

Know your destination? Reserve a charge point on the way and skip the queue.

Charge everywhere

Get access to 200.000+ charge points with Solar Beo. Never run the risk of running out of power.

Load balancing

Solar Beo offers static, dynamic, or true dynamic load balancing options to distribute the electricity in a smart way.


Solar Beos self-healing features ensure charger stability and availability. With self-healing, you automatically fix charge point bugs and errors

Be part of the future of transport

  • Space-efficient rapid chargers can be in carparks or on-street
  • Increase visitor dwell time, support local businesses and residents
  • Normal contactless payment and 24/7 driver helpline for best customer experience
  • We’re building a nationwide network of public rapid charge points that are accessible to all drivers.

Book a site consultation

Book a site consultation and a Solar Beo EV charging Expert will talk you through your exact requirements for EV charging at your home, business, or public charge points.

Request a Quote

Simply book a 1 to 1 Consultation to discuss your requirements and receive a no strings attached quotation.