EV Charging – Commercial


Installing EV Charge Points at your business puts you ahead of the curve as it allows your clients/staff to charge their E-car while they are at your business. 

generate revenue

Generate Revenue

Automated billing system for a better charging experience

Residents, guests and other EV drivers pay instantly, when they use your EV chargers. Set the price for EV charging, and our Charging Platform keeps track of all payments and charging sessions. Simply pay with debit cards, Google or Apple Pay and leave tedious paperwork behind.

  • Real-time payment
  • No paperwork
  • Manage the finances in one system

Generate an automated stream of Income from your EV Charger with Solar Beo’s intelligent software which records each transaction on the charge points and then automatically collects the revenue from each use and sends that revenue back into your wallet. We monitor each ChargePoint to ensure its operating correctly and each ChargePoint has 24/7 access to customer support. The only thing you must do is watch the revenue generated automatically come into your bank account each month.


Offer cheaper rates to staff on your Charge Points or offer promotions to your clients by setting different rates on your network of Charge Points.

Decide who has access to your workplace’s charge points and at what cost. Let employees charge at a low rate, while your business earns a cut when guests or other EV drivers stop by.

go public

Go Public

Set when and at what cost your charging points appear on the public network to allow public charging on your very own network to generate revenue even when your business is closed.

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Book a site consultation and a Solar Beo EV charging Expert will talk you through your exact requirements for EV charging at your home, business, or public charge points.

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