Domestic Package

SEAI have a grant of up to €3000 to install a
domestic PV system in your home today. This is for a 4 K/W package with battery storage unit.

We tailor make a package specific to your home, based on budget, house size and roof orientation, so you to take full advantage of the grant available to you.

We take care of everything, from design of layout, all the way to grant submission, minimising the hassle to you.

A 2 K/W System will entitle you to a grant of
€1800 while a 4 K/W will get you the full €3800.

Commercial Package

We have consistently maintained focus on
installing solar panels on commercial rooftops. We have done this because we feel as though this is the highest percentage saving available to a customer. Most of the electricity consumed commercially is during daylight hours, therefore you can directly use the electricity generated by the panels without the need for batteries.

Also flat commercial rooftops are the perfect mounting area for Solar Photovoltaic Panels asthey  have no obstruction and the perfect angle for solar harvesting can be achieved.

We will tailor make packages for your business to maximise the savings you can make.

Agricultural Package

TAM’s have announced a roll-out of a grant of up to €9600 for dairy farmers to install a Solar PV system on their farm.

Lighting, pumping, cooling and storage means that dairy farmers use a high amount of electricity during the milking process.

Teagasc figures state that the average electricity consumption cost for the milking process per cow per week are €0.90. PV panels will greatly reduce this cost to you.

Having PV reduces your carbon rating which
helps increases your farm rating.

Saving up to €2000 a year, you can expect to make
a return on your investment in under 4 years.