At Solar Beo we will tailor make a package for your particular house, farm or business, based on site size, usage, budget and other factors.

Site VisiT & Introduction

The process is initiated with a site visit. Here we will take a survey on your roof size, angle and orientation. We will also view your power consumption to see whats the most appropriate system to install in your home.


Following feedback from you on budget we will we will then design various packages to fully avail of the grant available to you. We will forward these designs to you for your selection. We can always change our design if its not to your preference.


The next step is installation of panels. Our roofing team will visit your site, erect scaffolding and mount the Solar PV panels on your roof at a time suitable to you. Depending on the amount of panels and difficult roofing placement, this mounting phase usually takes up to a day.


After a time has been arranged, a team of electricians will then visit your home and mount the inverter and commission your system. We will commission each inverter specifically to your schedule to maximise the savings your system produces.


We will provide you a tutorial on the inverter, so you can see exactly the savings you are making and the breakdown of the energy used. Thankfully our Solis inverter is very user friendly therefore so this tutorial is very straight forward.

Complete Service

After service is complete you will be asked to give us a review of our service as we are constantly trying to improve our service and your feedback is greatly appreciated

Our Materials

At Solar Beo, quality is number one for us. Therefore we only use the best and most reliable component
for our solar installations. From the panels we use, down to the flashing’s,  every component of our
system are tried, tested and certified against all elements giving us 100% confidence in our service. 

Our Panels

Our Longi 315 Watt panels are of the highest
specifications available.

  • Higher energy yield with lower operating temperature.
  • Reduced hotspot risk with optimized electrical design and lower operating current.

Our Inverter

Designed for flexibility and performance, Ginlong’s intelligent hybrid platform offers seven models, all featuring the latest safety component
and dynamic MPPTs to ensure maximum ROI.

  • Built-in Sunspec MLRSD signal transmitter
  • UPS ensures AC backup for up to 6 kW of continuous power and 7 kVA of peak power
  • Programmable energy management maximizes self consumption
  • Time of use shifting and peak shaving capabilities
  • Optional WiFi, cellular and revenue grade metering
  • Left shows a photo of a recently installed system. As you can see when commissioned correctly you can see the exact breakdown in electricity produced.

Solar iBoost

The Solar iBoost concept is to divert the surplus solar photovoltaic energy generated at your home to heat water in the household water tank and save you money.

With Solar iBoost fitted you will cut the cost of water heating and maximize the free solar energy. Only energy that would otherwise be exported, is diverted to the immersion heater.

iBoost+ enables you to automatically consume the excess energy generated at your home. You can just sit back and enjoy the extra savings!

  • Cut the cost of water heating in your home
  • Reduce the use of your boiler
  • Maximise the use of the free solar energy
    generated at your property