Our Aim

At Solar Beo, our ambitions are simple!
With over 30 years experience in commercial and domestic wiring, we feel now is the time where we should embrace the power of renewable energy.

About Solar Beo

Situated on the Dingle Peninsula, we supply electrical services including solar photovoltaic installation to homes, businesses and farms all over the southwest.

Why Solar PV for us?

“With our experience in commercial, domestic and industrial wiring, we have seen firsthand the potential savings, Solar PV panels can offer customers while also reducing their carbon footprint. We have therefore set about providing a company that can offer this service. Combining our knowledge of electrical installations with our interest in clean, green energy is where the brainstorm for Solar Photovoltaic installation came about”

Our Partnerships

We have partnered with ESB networks in the past, on ‘The Dingle Project’ for example, in Winter 2019 which saw 20 houses in the area, retrofitted with Solar system complete with battery units. We installed and commissioned the Inverters as part of this project.