Benefit from a 40% grant, 100% tax write off and lower electricity bills with a Solar PV Installation

A new feed-in tariff support structure for micro-generation is planned for 2021. Farm families who take advantage of the existing 40-60% Targeted Agricultural Modernisation Scheme (TAMS) grants now could also benefit from this new feed-in tariff support structure when introduced, making the decision to install solar PV now an even better one. 

A TAMS grant of 40-60% makes solar PV a smart way of reducing farm electricity bills and heating water and, coupled with a 100% tax write off in the year of investment, a solar PV install on your farm can deliver guaranteed paybacks in as little as three years.

An alternative Better Energy Communities (BEC) grant support option, due to open again in the autumn, is also available for farmers whose TAMS allowances may be used up and early applications a advised.

Local Power Ltd helps you with the paperwork ensuring that the grant application is processed quickly and efficiently.

What is even more valuable is the fact that your solar PV system, depending on the technology chosen is fully warranted to generate over 87% of its initial performance after 30 years, giving farm families decades of free renewable energy for their farm and home.

Things are going to change in 2021 and farmers who invest now could also gain from the new support structure when introduced.


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